Thursday, 16 February 2012

Re: Notes of Meeting, 16th February (Doreen Day)

Fantastic! The SBI is up and running! Well done for writing everything up so coherently. My notes from the meeting are just a random list of disparate words:

'Auto boxes'
'Spangled shit'
'Giant rat'
'Knitting comebacks'
'Are you being solved?'
'Lack of work on ebay'

I truly do not remember putting that last one down, and I have no idea of its relevance, unlike the others. Perhaps its a message, like automatic writing.
As for punctuation, I love to use it as much and as creatively as I can (I love using brackets within brackets (it used to amuse Estherelli too)).

Love you enormously xxx


  1. I love you too. I wish we had a like button. I don't even remember discussing knitting. An investigations agency that also involved knitting would be great.

  2. Yes, like your 'emporium' idea, we could sit, knit and solve mysteries. Perhaps Jazz could take care of the actual knitting.

  3. Yes! And we could take care of Jazz's baby.

  4. By the way, I also still like 'Are you being solved?' for possible use e.g. as an advertising slogan so let's not forget it.