Thursday, 16 February 2012

Case no 0001 - Evie's Gold-Spangled Dog Shit


Notes: In January I went to a fancy dress party where I met a successful novelist named Evie who was dressed as a vicar. I subsequently made friends with her on Facebook. On Tuesday 14th February (Valentine's Day) Evie updated her FB status to say that she had just walked past a dog turd decorated with gold stars, but she hadn't taken a photo as there were too many people about. She noted that it was "Opposite the Montpelier, at the foot of a tree." Several people urged Evie to return to photograph the dog shit. She did return, and she took a photo and posted it on Facebook. The photo proved her to be a credible witness. It showed a dog shit broken into four parts and sprinkled with gold stars.

What does it mean? Valentine's Day is a heap of sparkly shit.

Categorised under: Not paranormal.

[I have left a message for Evie on Facebook asking if we can use her photo here. If that's not possible, we can recreate the evidence and photograph it ourselves. That's partly what SBI is for.]

Edit: Evie said we were welcome to use her photo so I have posted it (above). Thanks, Evie. However, she also said she thought this might explain the sparkly shit.


  1. Oh, I DO hope Evie forces you to recreate the evidence!

  2. She's too kind! And she has been admirably low-key about it all. If I had found that dog shit, it would have its own zine by now.

  3. There's already a dogshit zine. It's called The Sun.