Saturday, 18 February 2012

3000 Female Ninjas

We talked about whether or not we should carry weapons when investigating anomalous events on behalf of SBI. However it's not clear what kind of weapons would work against ghosts, spirits, Spanish secret agents, or mythical creatures such as giant rats, even assuming any of them are likely to attack.

Maybe we just need specialised combat training instead. For details, please see the video below and this article in the Telegraph: Iran trains 3000 female ninjas as potential assassins.


  1. Hilarious. I particularly love the bit at 1.20 when they arrive in a Somerset field. I think we can recreate that. I'm sure you heard about the ninja outfits being derived from kabuki set movers? xxx

  2. LOL. Yes, to recreating the action in a Somerset field. I didn't know about the derivation of the ninja outfits - that's your theatre costume know-how coming out.