Saturday, 7 July 2012

Case no 0006 - Dr Who?

I have had an exchange of emails with my friend Russell, and also quite an agitated phone call. He sent me a video. He said it showed the face of Elizabethan mathematician/magican Dr John Dee in a can of paint.

For some reason the video played upside down on my computer so I couldn't see the face. There followed a phone call from Russell who had just come back from a school fete with Sachi and Mio - they visit events like this as prospective parents, to check whether the schools will be suitable for Mio. He said it was ridiculous that I couldn't see the face in the can of paint. He said that even Mio had looked at it and pointed and said, 'Face'. I said he should have taken the can of paint to the school fete and asked the other parents if they could see a face in it. I said he should have got irate if they said no.

He sent me another video.

I seemed to recognise the face so I posted this photo on Facebook hoping the face recognition software would suggest a name to tag it with, which it didn't. However, there was a thrilling development. My friend Serena said it looked like the fourth Dr Who, Tom Baker.

Conclusion: Evidence of time travel.


  1. Love the video from Russell pointing out the face x

  2. It's great, isn't it? For some reason my computer played the first one upside down so I couldn't see the face at all. Russell said you'd be able to see it. Of course, I can see it myself now that it's the right way up. But before that he made a video to show me how to look at it.

  3. Russell just emailed me to say that it's John Dee's 485th birthday this Friday 13th.

    What can it all mean?

  4. I can't help but feel you both may be a touch premature in listing this case as 'solved - time travel'. Despite my almost gargantuan respect for your abilities, as shown in your speedy resolution of previous mysteries, this ready willingness to state 'time travel' with (as yet) no evidence to support your conclusion, may strike some as a little shoddy; though I, of course, would never say such a thing.

  5. You know, you're right, T. We haven't seen the last of this (not least because Russell is talking about touring the country with his can of paint and charging people to look at it). But also, who knows what it means? Is is evidence of time travel? It's not for me to say.

    Even with the finest minds available, including input from my Serena who stopped midway through cooking a bread and butter pudding to look at the photo on FB and pronounce a likeness to Tom Baker (and she's v. v. clever) I must admit, this case isn't solved. I'll adjust the notes in the index of case files accordingly.

  6. It looks like a straight forward case of chromatic-possession to me. Did John Dee die before he could finish painting a wall?

    I bet he did.

    This is obviously a cry for help - the poor man is trapped between worlds and can't move on until someone finishes painting his bedroom. He's even telling us which colour to use.

    Unless it's Tom Baker's face. In which case it's a message - he will die whilst painting the kitchen. Or possibly some double yellow lines looking at the colour.

  7. Oh, you're very good at this, Phill.