Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Messages from America

just quickly, messages from the universe came thick and fast in america. i got 's' 't' 'r' 'o' 'f' 'i' 'i' through either missing or doubled letter misspellings. maybe america is closer to some sort of 'portal' for messages from the universe. maybe because i was more relaxed i was more able to see the messages. or maybe i am just becoming more alert to them in general. below are some examples of the missing or extra letters.
so far i've got the message 'it is for...' from the letters, i will keep working on it xxx ps, couldn't work out how to put this on the 'msgs from the universe' pg L xxx


  1. OMG - that's really exciting! There's a notice at the bottom of King's Avenue with an extra letter - I think it says enquieries. I need to take a photo and post it so you can add it to your other messages.

    It is for...

    That's eerie and brilliant.

    Welcome home xx

  2. She went to my country and she didn't even wave. Makes me sad.

  3. Aw, Sean. She was probably waving on the inside.

    Hey, Lauren - the people in the mirrors on the sunglasses stall are exciting/mysterious/possibly irrelevant. I want more messages. So impatient.